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Dinh Ti Books - Creative pioneer

Founded in 2006, up to now, Dinh Ti Books is considered as a reputable publishing company with the fastest growing speed associated with the success of two major bookcases: Children's bookcases - Literature bookcases. Including the impressive transformation, becoming the creative pioneer of the children's INTERACTIVE BOOKS line. With more than 300 interactive book titles in circulation, Dinh Ti Books has brought great experience values, made learning and playing with books more effective, helping children to be smart and increase their IQs, EQ.

Strength of Dinh Ti Books

With many years of experience in publishing, Dinh Ti Books believes that parents always give the best to their children. Reading with your child is always the first choice to help growing love as well as nurture book passion for your children.

1. Dinh Ti books search and exploit quality manuscripts of world famous publishers.

Understanding the psychology, the needs of parents and children as well as the trends of the world publishing industry. Dinh Ti Books has focused intellectually and invested resources in researching, testing and developing interactive books for children. Including hundreds of titles purchased by the world's famous publishers such as: Campbell, Nathan, Usborne, Tourbillon S.A ... etc. For the first time, interactive books that are copyrighted and produced in Vietnam have become the ""best-sellers"" that most parents know, such as: Lift-the-flap. Huge Big Book or Vietnamese - English - French Multilingual Smart Motion ...

2. Dinh Ti books research and develop 100% Made in Vietnam, Made by Dinh Ti books.

In addition to copyrighted books, with the goal of ""Vietnamese books written for Vietnamese children"", Dinh Ti has continuously created and is one of the leading units implementing book projects ""100% made in Vietnam."" , 100% made by Dinh Ti Books, including titles that have become ""phenomenal"" right after being published such as: Flip open to explore with dozens of flip-flops on 14 pages, Glossy Book - Cinema book - Story told on the wall with content expressed through extremely unique poems about Thanh Giong, Little Red Riding-Hood, Tam Cam ..., Amazing Book - A wonderful book with dozens of pages to help children recognize faces. letters and number, folk verses and proverbs are shown visually and vividly ...

With a smart and diverse structure in each page of the policy is the difference in interactive books. Each book has a different theme, for different ages, so the technology of publishing them is different and different from traditional books. To have an interactive set of books, Dinh Ti has to perform from product R&D to building creative and production processes; test printing, assessment and evaluation of sample book quality, improve (if necessary) ... until the book is completed.

3. Great love for books.

Stemming from the love for books, the devotion to preserve the traditional cultural values ​​of Vietnam, the desire to bring Vietnamese values ​​to Vietnamese children, the creative members of Dinh. Tị Books has constantly strived, searched and learned, to bring ""100% made in Vietnam"" books to Vietnamese children. Useful knowledge is conveyed through interesting interactions to help children remember longer and learn better.


For the market: Providing high quality titles in both content and form. Dinh Ti's products have scientific value - provide useful knowledge; artistic value - serving the reader's need to enjoy and improve the level of art reception; have cultural value - promote fine cultural traditions and be consistent with the fine traditions and customs of Vietnam.

For partners: Dinh Ti Books is a prestigious unit providing partners the best benefits based on the spirit of cooperation for mutual development.

For employees: Building a professional, creative, dynamic working environment, promoting fairness, transparency, development ability of each individual and solidarity and solidarity in the team.

For society: Dinh Ti Books always balances and harmonizes corporate interests with social benefits by organizing and participating actively in social activities, bringing meaning to the community.


Associated with the business philosophy ""Giving knowledge - Receiving trust"", during the journey of construction and development, Dinh Ti Books is constantly striving to bring the community the best quality products, Contains the knowledge and power of the times. With knowledge and belief as a guideline for all creative activities, Dinh Ti has become the closest and closest companion of readers of all ages, especially the children's ages.

With all the passion of the entire team as well as the beliefs from the readers, Dinh Ti Books is expected to become one of the five publishing companies.

Best-selling copyrights

Author: Bảo Ngọc Illustration: Thu Nấm, Hoàng Đậu Xanh
Author: Linh Chi Illustration: Quỳnh Rùa
Author: Linh Chi Illustration: Quỳnh Rùa
Author: Linh Chi Illustration: Quỳnh Rùa
Author: Linh Chi Illustration: Quỳnh Rùa
Editor: Hoàng Anh Tú Illustration: Đậu Quyên
Author: Linh Chi Illustration: Quỳnh Rùa
Author: Bảo Ngọc Illustration: Thu Nấm, Hoàng Đậu Xanh

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