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Noura Publishing is one of the publishers in the Mizan Group. Founded in early 2012 and based in Jakarta, Noura has published hundreds of local and translated books that are popular with readers. Noura publishes books of various genres, for various segments of readers, from children, fiction, to nonfiction. Here are some of the important titles that Noura has published.

Ranging from boardbooks, picture books , to fun learning packages, Noura children's books always try to combine the beauty of illustrations, the excitement of stories, and the breadth of benefits. From the Nabil & Naura series , Fun Cican (Wahyu Aditya), Goyi Pipi (Jacky Cahyadi & Irmalia Sutanto), Odong-Odong Dongeng (Iput & Oyas), which are original Indonesian characters, to Tayo, Rainbow Ruby , and Cloud Bread which are Korean characters that are loved by children and show their animation on TV. Noura also published a legendary picture book from Mr. Indonesian Fairy Tales, Suyadi alias Pak Raden, namelyA Thousand Cats for Grandpa and The Stolen Peci Merchant ; as well as from writer and illustrator Clefiena, namely Oh! The Owl, A is for the Astronaut , and 123 Save Bima's Friends . In order to promote literacy in early childhood, Noura also often collaborates with other institutions, for example in 2019 with Room to Read to publish five high-quality children's books, Hus! Hus! (Izzah Annisa & Aprilia Muktirina), Kungkang Surprise (Andina Subarja ), Otir's Magic (Dian Onasis & Gery Adams), I am the Paddy Ranger (Lia Herliana & Odilia Stevannie), and Niabai the Spinner(Wikan Satriati & Ilman Fahmi). Apart from these regular books, Noura also publishes premium quality products that are marketed by direct selling, such as Learning Islam for Kids, FUNtastic Learning with Nabil & Naura , and SabaQu . All three are learning and playing tools that are very popular with children and parents.

From literary works to teen thrillers and romance , Noura publishes texts that are both entertaining and can bring wisdom to readers, some of which are: People of Bloomington (Budi Darma), along with two other works, namely Olenka and Rafilus , which are important works in Indonesian literature; Long Evening at Central Park (Bondan Winarno); Dunia Sukab (Seno Gumira Ajidarma); Dahlan Shoes (Khrisna Pabichara), one of the trilogy books inspired by Dahlan Iskan's story which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and was adapted into a film; Athirah(Alberthiene Endah), the novelization of Jusuf Kalla's mother which has been filmed by Miles Film; Kartini (Abidah El-Khalieqy), a novelization of the film directed by Hanung Bramantyo; The Black Cat and The Raven (Edgar Allan Poe) world classics still favored by today's readers, Different Seasons (Stephen King); Uncommon Type (Tom Hanks); The Girl on the Train and Into the Water (Paula Hawkins); Heart Shaped Tears (Ku-Hye Sun) and The Plotters (Un-Su Kim), several Korean translations that Noura published; Urban Thriller Series and Urban Romance Series, which raised the works of young Indonesian writers.

Noura publishes a variety of themes such as parenting , self-help , practical psychology and religion. Some of the translated works that Noura published are Becoming (Michelle Obama), which scored phenomenal sales worldwide; Man's Search for Meaning and The Will to Meaning (Viktor Frankl), a classic book of psychology in the form of a memoir; The Read Aloud Handbook (Jim Trelease); Keep Going (Austin Kleon); Think Like a Freak (Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner), also by Indonesian writers such as Ayah Edy Answering and several other titles by Ayah Edy, Anak also Manusia(Angga Setyawan); Happiness Inside and 99 Wisdom (Gobind Vahsdev); Reading out loud (Roosie Setiawan), a literacy practitioner and read aloud . Meanwhile, Noura religious books strengthen the spirit of the Mizan Group, which is to encourage the growth of an Indonesian Islamic community that is full of compassion and tolerance with the popular works of Haidar Bagir, Emha Ainun Najib, Nadirsyah Hosen (Gus Nadir), Maman Suherman (Kang Maman). , Husein Ja'far Al-Hadar besides publishing translations of the works of legendary scholars such as Al-Ghazali, Al-Buthy, Imam Shafi'i, and many more.

Noura wants to continue to actively participate in increasing interest in reading and literacy among children, promote read aloud or read aloud among parents, and provide reading material that is both popular and quality for the general public, and it is for this purpose that Noura will also be happy to collaborate with communities and appropriate institutions.

Best-selling copyrights

Wikan Satriati (Author), Ilman Fahmi (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Lina Sellin (Author), Pawon Art (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Lina Sellin (Author), J. J. Wind (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Utinew (Author), J. J. Wind (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Sara Mai (Author), Pawon Art (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), S. Shinta (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), S. Shinta (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Maharani Aulia (Author), Mutiara Nisa (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Richanadia (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Richanadia (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Anisah Sholichah (Author), Septia Aulandari & Hendy Setiawan (Illustrators)
Eugenia Rakhma (Author), Hendy Setiawan & Mutiara Nisa (Illustrators)
Maharani Aulia (Author), Hendy Setiawan & Irmalia S. (Illustrators)
Eugenia Rakhma (Author), Mutiara Nisa (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), S. Shinta (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Wahyu Aditya (Creator), Lia Astika (Author), M. Rizal (Illustrator)
Lia Herliana (Author), Odilia Stevannie (Illustrator)
Izzah Annisa (Author), Aprilia Muktirina (Illustrator)
Andina Subarja

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