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With the mission of bringing human knowledge to Vietnamese readers, Thai Ha Books is the convergence of individuals with high enthusiasm and passion for books. Our operating principles are:

1. 100% of books by Thai Ha Books are copyrighted.
2. Absolutely comply with copyright and publishing law
3. Committing to create valuable books with high quality, always catching up with new trends.
4. Be readers-oriented.
5. Increasing benefits for partners and customers.
6. Arouse and promote the creativity of each individual.
7. Ensure copyrights, ensure the quality of the content as well as the form of the book.

Business orientation of Thai Ha Books
1. Translating and publishing publications from foreign languages into Vietnamese and vice versa with bookcases:
- V - Biz (economic book)
- V - Buddism (Buddhist Dharma book)
- V - Parents (parent book)
- Beebooks - children's books
- New me
- Education and culture

2. Providing services related to copyright and publishing
3. Providing books, newspapers, magazines, and other publications available to readers
4. Printing and related printing services
5. Organizing book, journalism and publishing events

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