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Zikrul Hakim-Bestari publisher well known as a children’s book publisher who has a commitment to create and cultivate children’s knowledge characterized by intelligence, value, skill, spiritual for academic knowledge as well as for social knowledge. Zikrul Hakim-Bestari publisher is a publishing company which developed since 2000, with average published 300 titles per year and rapidly increase from year to year.
In general, Zikrul Hakim-Bestari publishing consist of 2 line:
1. Zikrul Hakim which have an active role in developing Islamic values.
2. Bestari which focuses on general knowledge books for every age which aims to advance the world of knowledge, especially for the kids.
Besides of the general books in some genres, such health, self-help and cook books, as well as history, sociology, and politics, we are strongly enhance the quality of our children’s books (fiction and non-fiction), Juvenile/teenage books, Novel, Graphic Novel, Pictorial Books. We have published children’s books in some categories as for knowledge, value, skill and spiritual, with the different format, like picture books and graphic novel.
As the main publishers for children’s books in Indonesia, we have our own artist who have experienced well in making the good content for children’s. We are supported by the outstanding author in the field of Children’s world and the qualified illustrator who well understand how to deliver the knowledge through their pictures.
Since the Inception of Zikrul Hakim-Bestari publisher in 2000, we have established a good cooperation with the kindergarten schools in some major cities in Indonesia. We have 9 branch offices in Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Bogor, Tangerang, West Sumatera, Pekanbaru, and Bandung. The biggest product sales for each branch were coming from magazines, tabloid and book sales for kindergarten. Besides that, we have a good cooperation with some bookstores, distributors and book agents in Indonesia. <br>

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