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Kim Dong Publishing House under the Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union is a general publisher with the function of publishing books and cultural products for children and parents nationwide, promoting and introducing culture. Vietnam to the world.
The publisher is responsible for organizing manuscripts, compiling, translating, publishing and distributing publications with the following contents: ethnic traditional education, education on knowledge, knowledge ... in all fields. Literature, art, science and technology to provide children as well as parents with necessary knowledge in life, the quintessence of human knowledge to contribute to education and human formation. young generation way.
The audience of the Publisher is preschool children (1 to 5 years old), children (6 to 9 years old), teenagers (10 to 15 years) to teenagers (16 to 5 years old). 18 years old) and the parents.

Short name: Kim Dong Publishing House
International transaction name: Kim Dong Publishing House
Date of establishment: June 17, 1957
Line agency: Central Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union

Best-selling copyrights

Text: Lê Phương Liên Illustrator: Quang Toàn
Text: Trần Đức Tiến Illustration by Kim Duẩn
Text: Hiếu Minh, Huyền Trang Illustration by Tạ Huy Long
Retold by Thủy Nguyên Illustrator: Various artists
Athor Hoài Anh Illustration: Đôm Đốm
Athor Hoài Anh Illustration: Đậu Đũa

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